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Save Installation
Time & Effort

Order the SIM card with your RISCO products - It is simple, and it is FREE of charge - You pay only upon activation!

Automatic Activation & Registration

Create a site (“Reseller” only) with the relevant panel. Select the ‘Basic + Cellular’ package and SIM registration and activation is done!

Automatic Charges - No Contract

No need for additional contracts with data providers. The data package will support all the system’s needs.


RISCO SIM cards are ready to use and no activation is required. However, you must assign the ‘Basic Cloud Services + Cellular’ (Data Only or Data + Voice) service to the site, prior to connecting the site to the Cloud. Otherwise, the RISCO SIM card might be deactivated. Please note there is a one time setup fee of €5 for a package with SIM.

SIM packages are invoiced from first use.

The SIM cannot be returned but it can be moved to another site.

The RISCO SIM is provided free of charge. When registering to a SIM package, there will be a € 5 one time setup fee.

The RISCO SIM with the ‘Cloud services + SIM (Data + Voice)’ package includes voice, enabling the end user to receive event voice messaging to their phone.

The RISCO SIM does not currently support SMS.

You can purchase the SIM as you purchase any other RISCO product. The RISCO SIMs are delivered in package of 20 SIMS and it is free of charge.

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